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Report On Fraud Scheme Operated By Qnet, QuestNet, Gold Quest or QI Group

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Special Message "The economic offences wing of Mumbai police froze two bank accounts of Qnet that have Rs.45 crore in balance, moreover the case against Qnet will be more strong if more victims come forward and make a complaint. Also making by making a complaint the victims have a chance of getting their money back.
I would request all the people who have lost their money or have faced any other problem because of Qnet fraud, to come forward and registered compliant with economic offences wing of Mumbai police. Mr.Gurupreet Singh Anand (The person who has filed first FIR and made possible to show the fraud to police and media) is willing to help anyone who wish to file complaint, you can contact him on, kindly keep me in CC in case you send him e-mail. My id is"

I am making this report to bring out my opinion on marketing scheme operated by Qnet, QuestNet, GoldQuest & QI group, which I feel, in the context of below mentioned facts, is a fraud.All the information contained in this report is gathered by me from internet or some of individual who promote the fraud scheme in Mumbai, India. Virtually it is clear from this report that the gang is a fraud, but however all the proofs cannot be gathered from internet or like sources. Mumbai Police has also started arresting people in Qnet fraud.

Along with this report, I would also request you to visit for more and latest updates.

For reading copy of charge sheet please click this link

India's largest news paper also carried a article on Qnet, below is the screen shot and link to that news.

First I understand using the under mentioned facts that Qnet, Questnet, Gold quest & QI are of same group.
Point No.1: Here is screen shot of, which shows “Qnet” as a group company of QI group
Note No.1: QI group and Qnet are under same group

 Point No.2: When people transferred money from India to QI group-Hongkong, they received receipts from “QuestNet” on their e-mail, here is a screen shot of such receipt, I have removed personal details from the receipt.
Note No. 2: “QI Group” and “QuestNet” are under same group.

Point No.3: Here is screen shot of Hongkong governments’ website, which shows “Goldquest” changed its name to “Questnet” in 2003.
Note No.3: “Goldquest” and “Questnet” are same companies
Point No.4: Copy of the judgment given by the high court of Hong Kong (Available on the website of the Judiciary of the Hong Kong”)
Note No.4: The Judgment clear states that “Questnet” is a company of QI group
“                                                                                                                                       HCA 1475/2006




ACTION NO. 1475 OF 2006


                                                         QUESTNET LIMITED                                         Plaintiff
                                                 KURT GEORG ROCCO RINCK                         1st Defendant

                                                      WILFRED ROYCE LANE                             2nd Defendant
Before: Hon Saunders J in Chambers
Date of Hearing:  30 November 2006
Date of Judgment:  30 November 2006
QuestNet is a company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands, and registered in Hong Kong under Part XI of the Companies Ordinance.  QuestNet is owned, as to 80%, by QI Ltd, a Cayman Islands company, and as to 20% by a Mr Joe Fabregas.   QuestNet is one of various companies within a Group, principally owned by QI Ltd.  The defendant, Mr Rinck, and two others, and Mr Bismark and a Mr Vijayaratham were the founders of the Group.”
I have not copied the irrelevant part of judgment.
Point No.5: When you click “Shop” button on website of QuestNet “”, you are redirected to
Note No.5: “QuestNet” & “Qnet” are under same group.
Point No. 6: The following two screen shots show data available on the website of Ministry of corporate affairs, India. It shows “QuestNet” & “GoldQuest” have defaulted in filing annual returns, which are mandatory under India law. Further, both the companies have same registered address and e-mail address.
Note No.6: QuestNet & GoldQuest are same companies and have defaulted in following Indian law

Note No.7: Hence from Note nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6, we conclude all four “QI”, “Qnet”, “QuestNet” & “Goldquest” are operated by same group. 

Point No.7: An article by Economic times, it states the “QI group” has denied association with  “QuestNet”

Note No.8: I have been already able to understand from note No.5 that “QI” & “QuestNet” are operated by same. Not accepting the association is clearly eyewash, because scam of Gold quest was already out so the best way was to disassociate “QI” from “Goldquest”.

Point No.8: An article by Times Of India on Gold quest                                     
Note No.9: Scam of Gold quest is out since May, 2008.

Point No.9:  US district court ordered CEO QuestNet to pay $ 2,251,185 as penalty for frauds done by Quest Net: (
In the complaint to court done by US Securities & Exchange commission, the commission alleged that,(

A.     Quest Net formed fake company “Grupo” and showed fake purchases of computer hardware and software:
On December 29, 1998, Quest Net issued a press release announcing that it had purchased certain assets totaling $2 million from Grupo Internet Latinoamericano S.A. ("Grupo"), a privately held British Virgin Islands company. Quest Net claimed that it purchased these assets, which purportedly consisted of computer hardware and software, from Grupo in exchange for common and preferred stock in Quest Net valued at $2 million. This press release quoted Defendant (the CEO of QuestNet) Pereira as saying that "[w]e are on course to expand Quest into a full service Internet solutions company, not just an Internet provider," and that "[t]his acquisition is another step in that direction."
In a second press release issued after the stock market closed on December 30, 1998, Quest Net again mentioned the Grupo transaction and boasted that the acquisition had "fueled the second straight day of positive active trading" of the company's stock.
These press releases were blatantly false and misleading because the Quest Net/Grupo transaction was a complete sham. Grupo was in fact nothing more than a shell company that Defendant (the CEO of QuestNet) formed and controlled as part of a fraudulent scheme to manipulate Quest Net's stock price. Defendant (the CEO of QuestNet)formed Grupo with Quest Net funds and, in order to conceal his control of Grupo, Defendant (the CEO of QuestNet) appointed his father-in-law, David Plant, as the sole director of Grupo. As with the WebCafe transaction, Defendant (the CEO of QuestNet) obtained a general power of attorney over all of Plant's business dealings, including, Grupo. None of these facts were disclosed by Defendant (the CEO of QuestNet).
Moreover, Grupo in fact never owned much of the telecommunications equipment that Quest Net claimed to have purchased from Grupo. Some of the equipment that Defendant (the CEO of QuestNet)claimed to have acquired from Grupo belonged to third parties and had already been in Quest Net's possession before the sham "purchase" from Grupo.
The fraudulent press releases Quest Net disseminated on December 29th and December 30th concerning this sham transaction caused Quest Net's stock price to soar from a price of $2.53 per share with 26,200 shares traded on December 28th to a high of $30 per share with 441,600 shares traded on January 5th.
B.     QuestNet issued fake press releases to increase their stock price:

a.    Acquisition of Quest Net's First Wireless Client

On July 31, 1998, Quest Net issued a press release announcing that Quest Net had signed its first contract for wireless broadband service with a privately held Florida corporation named WebCafe Corporation ("WebCafe"). The press release boasted that the contract with WebCafe "marks the start of Quest Net's first penetration in the wireless broadband distribution." The press release identified the president of WebCafe as "Patricia Martins."

This press release was materially misleading because it failed to disclose that WebCafe was a company formed, owned and operated by Defendant (CEO of QuestNet). Indeed, Defendant (CEO of QuestNet) incorporated WebCafe a mere seven weeks prior to the date of the press release. WebCafe's president, Patricia Martins, is in reality Defendant's (CEO of QuestNet) sister who had granted Defendant (CEO of QuestNet) a general power of attorney over all of her business dealings, including, of course, WebCafe. None of these material facts were disclosed by Defendant (CEO of QuestNet).

b.  Quest Net's Purchase of
On April 1, 1999, Quest Net issued a press release announcing that Quest Net had purchased an e-commerce website named "" for an undisclosed amount of cash and stock. According to the press release, specialized "in providing secure [c]redit [c]ard [sic] for clients worldwide" and had been "in operation for over two years with great results."
This press release was misleading and failed to disclose that Defendant owned and was running the website. Defendant had purchased and registered the "" domain name in July 1997.
c.  Quest Net's Inflated Revenue Announcements
On March 29, 1999, Quest Net issued a press release that provided an address for an Internet website which had hosted an online interview with Defendant. During this interview, Defendant falsely stated that in: "[t]he last two quarters, in terms of revenues that have been collected, [Quest Net] had about $900,000 of revenue per quarter."
On April 13, 1999, Quest Net issued a press release reporting that Quest Net had generated $1,526,053 in gross revenues and $423,181 in pretax profits for the six months ended December 31, 1998. The next day, the company issued another press release that also touted its gross revenues and profit figures for the same period.
Defendant's online interview and the two April 1999 press releases failed to disclose that over 30% of the approximately $1.5 million in reported revenues was made up of a potentially uncollectible receivable from a Quest Net customer who was involved in ongoing litigation with Quest Net over the receivable. The dispute involved Quest Net's sale of software to the customer and whether Quest Net had delivered a fully functional version of the software.
After the issuance of these two false press releases, the company's stock price dramatically rose from $4.56 per share on April 12th to $13.50 per share on April 15th. During these three days of trading, the trading volume increased from 42,100 shares traded on April 12th to 290,000 shares traded on April 15th.
C.     By making the above mentioned frauds, shares prices of QuestNet went up because common people received wrong information given by QuestNet, and the CEO of QuestNet sold his shares at fraudulently increased prices.

In total, from December 1998 through April 16, 1999, the CEO of QuestNet sold approximately 215,000 shares of Quest Net stock resulting in proceeds of more than $2.0 million. The majority of this money was eventually wired from nominee accounts and sent to various foreign bank accounts and offshore trusts that are controlled by same CEO of QuestNet.

Point No.10: Website of Qnet, showing Vijay Eswaran as founder of it
Note No.10: Vijay Eswaran is the person behind the companies.

Point No.11: Personal website of Vijay Eswaran showing his roots from Sri Lanka
Note No.11: Vijay Eswaran has his roots from Sri Lanka.

Point No.12: Screen shot of website “” showing “Vijay Eswaran” as wanted by International Police (Inter Pol) for drugs related crimes

Point No.13: Screen shot from website of International Police (Inter Pol), listing “Eswaran” as a person wanted for Drugs related crime in Chennai, India:
Note No.12: From point No.11 & 12, we understand “Eswaran” is wanted by International Police.

Point No.14: A tip-off by a former Indonesian president led to the arrest of Vijay Eswaran in Jakarta.

Note No.13: Due to loop holes in Indonesian Law, he was set free, as he had done crimes in other countries and not Indonesia. He had a safe haven in Indonesia.

Point No.15: Article in Newspaper “Todayszaman”, about fraud done the QuestNet in turkey.

Point No.16: Article in Newspaper “the Hindu” about fraud done by GoldQuest in India.

From the above mentioned facts, I am of the opinion, the fraud is very clear. I request the reader to circulate this information to maximum people though facebook etc, so together we can save people from giving away their hard-earned money.

I will forward a copy of this to Indian government offices, with the hope it reaches correct person who can take action against the company. I also request you to do the same if you have some special contacts in police or ministry of corporate affairs etc, i.e. if you personally know someone in such offices, you can talk and share the information.

If you come across someone who has already invested the money in the fraud and trying to bring in more people for his commission, try not to be harsh with them, perhaps they are also victims of the fraud.

I also get reasons from people that the Qnet is having valid income tax TAN/ PAN number in India, I again request you to not believe such things only because company is having TAN/ PAN numbers, as income tax department is duty bound to tax companies even if they are doing illegal business (Refer point 12 on "").
Even if you take "supari" and kill someone, you can have Pan No. and file income tax return for the profit you made from killing, income tax department is duty bound to issue you a PAN card and accept your return, you can also claim deduction for purchase of weapon for killing :).
If you build a house on illegal land and pay house tax on it, your illegal construction does not becomes legal :).

Further operating scheme of business as Qnet does is illegal under federal India Act "The Prize Chits And Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) Act, 1978. Even participating in such schemes in India may land you in jail for a period of up-to to 3 years.

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About me:
I am CA Sumit Navani. I am from Ulhasnagar, Mumbai Metropolitan Region, India.

You can contact me @,
Jai Hind.


  1. Great Research Sumit !
    In my opinion most, if not all, MLM companies are fraud.

    Some links about qnet:

    Answer to qnet false claims:

    General Articles about MLM:

    1. Great job done sumit...but you will never understand this business.I pity for people like you who are so negative. Few years back..people like you were cursing even computers by saying it will eat up people's job..and before that again people like you opposed industrialization by saying the similar comments.

    2. when you were doing this research...did you also find positive articles about industry...dato vijay being awarded in US by Pranab mukharjee...did u find articles by ministry of commerce that they are coming with a law on Direct selling as this industry is giving employment to more than 1 million people in india?

  2. You guys are as foolish as the others. But then again most people will never undErstand what they could have had until it's too late.

    You do not understand that we live in a new era and the way of doing business is changing.

    1. thanks for taking time and replying. :)

  3. Wud request u to come to pune on 8-9 dec. its a weekend.. D co. is having a conference.. C for urself.. To believe it.. :-)

    1. thanks for your invite, would request you to get some directs answers form the company people on issues raised above and post the answers here :)


  4. Also what u wrote about the usa case of the SEC that is some other questnet inc. - we were never listed.. And we were not in the business which is mentiomed for questnet inc. - its some other company - we came in to existence in 98...

  5. Any business which focus on partner acquisition instead of products, cannot work.
    Having said that, they have products like fake bio disk which creates positive energy in body, increases fuel efficiency, saves water while washing clothes, generates anti gravity !

    Here is a typical story at CCD Square, nr. UB City, Bangalore

    1) Some of your friend would introduce you to an "amazing" business opportunity. No mention of "how". Only words like "Hardwork", "Seriousness", "commitment".
    When you ask more he would tell you, the seniors will discuss with you.
    2) You get excited, he will fix up a meeting at public place like CCD. (Why not an registered office ?)
    3) Before the senior comes, you will be told how well he is doing, and he is your friend's ideal !
    4) Next that senior comes. He will spend ~2 hrs just to explain Who started this company,(QI) What jobs they left, now how much they are earning. 3% | 97% divide of wealth. Some "live" examples of luxury car owners, purchasers of flats on debit cards.
    e.g. VIP Group head, CITI AVP, IIMA allumni, DATO' Vijay Eswaran.
    The flaws in existing marking model: MAD(Mkt,Advertising,etc) costs.
    Flaws with corporate culture: You boss would not share business secrets with you. Here your "partners" would die to help you at 3 AM.
    Flaws with your job. If you die, your kid won't get the same job. But he would get partnership in QI group.
    Competitive culture of corporate vs. Collaborative Friendly helping culture of QI.
    5) Next will come product part: They could convert Water to air. They created a magic glass article which purifies even crude whisky to pure water. A spoon of powder=10 bowls of oats.
    Note: No mention of if they produce it. If so, where is factory, workers, RnD. If they are just marketing, which is the source company, what is their margin etc.
    Funny(sic) part is to see the glow in your friend's eye and hands shivering with confidence.
    6) In between no matter how curious you become, they won't come to the point: Product.

  6. Contd..

    7) It's already 2 hrs. You become impatient. Now they tell you power of duplicacy. Einstein suggested this power would change the world. Bill Gates in his book(Whose name they will forget), mentioned that, if he would not have created Microsoft, he would be in duplicacy business.
    8) You may invest 1.75L to 6.75L to earn crores. There is some CAP, but they won't clearly explain you.
    9) When you insist, topic changes. WHY is important not HOW.e.g. If your family away is in trouble, you won't think how will you reach there. You would just reach there !
    The imp. thing is WHY you want to do it, now HOW. (Ans: Any layman in the world knows WHY: bcoz he wants crores investing lakhs, with how much ever hard work required. Real Imp thing is HOW.)
    10) After 2hr 45 min. you get tired. He will tell you, he will make you meet more senior(read demigod), person. You would guess, it would be in evening or next day, out of surprise, he will drag you to another table or outside CCD.) !! You will be surpised to see there are 15 more such gurus here !
    You will be just baffling talking to them, fearful of such crowd. Trying to give random answers they will catch you.
    11) If you show doubts, you have to meet 4 other persons you can't refuse. First question asked: "What did you like the most ?"
    Perplexingly, you would reply "Business Potential", "Equal Opportunity", see the smile on their face.
    12) Raise some concerns and be overwhelmed with arguments: Think WHY not HOW. Detail is just numbers. Dont think about financials, just trust the Rock Star standing besides you, your friend !
    You could look the confidence in your friend's eyes, who until now religiously following his gurus.
    You get some more gyan: If you want to learn swimming, and you could see a life guard, you don't think HOW should I swim. You just JUMP IN. Your friend(Life guard who himself does not know to swim?) would save you.
    And come on, Microsoft itself has made their portal(Which I doubt). If they can trust QI, why not you? As if, I buy Nokia mobile, means Nokia trusts me :)
    13) Did you ask for Risk factor? Only risk is: COD(Cost of delay). More you delay more you loose. Jump in NOW.
    14) Result: If you are lucky: You lost entrepreneurship opportunity to become your own boss, to become partner not salesman.

    If you too come across such a scheme, take your time before making any decision.

    For an excellent article:

    1. very realistically explained about these ignorant and incompetent brats.....

      Adding to the above article, they also force all the members to attend 'motivation & inspiration giving' events (ofcourse with your own money) held in places like Pune,Goa.. but what you actually do is listen to some a** hole's bullshit talk and dance all the day

  7. Great research Sumit... Appreciate your efforts.

  8. really painstaking research......hope this should reach out to everyone...

  9. Let us learn from qnet bosses, they are very smart than us. Only if they applied it to some genuine business.
    QNet operandi:
    If you want to run a scam and still want people to trust you, what will you do ? This is what qnet did..

    1) Do a little charity and showcase a huge one. Create concepts like RHYTHM.

    2) Sponsor big events like F1. Hire celebrities like cricketers, actors. People easily trust when they can link their stars to the company. Most celebrities work for you if you pay them. Big names like Sachin Tendulkar, Hrithik & SRK were advertising for Home Trade scam.

    3) Keep all IRs motivated. Dont give them free time to think. Let all conferences (vcon, pcon) full of music, dance and emotional speech. Write motivational books.

    4) Learn to confuse! Keep the compensation plan very complicated. Give too many redundant details, and hide essential ones.

    5) Show off! Use (rented) luxury cars. Show video of great office space. Meeting with well-known people.

    6) When people lose money them will be angry at you. So, calm them down. Tell them they are not following right method, SYSTEM, RULE etc. Also keep creating different kinds of meaningless training programs(and earn money that way too.)

    7) Still when they fail, tell them: "This is serious business. You work, you get paid; else not".

    8) Register all domains like *qnetscam*. When people google "is qnet scam" they will only get your links.

    9) Most important rule: Keep changing company names every 2 years. Fools have very volatile memory. Believe me it works ! Want proof: FutureQuest, GoldQuest, questnet, qnet, Vihaan.

  10. Seems this scam is already spread in Egypt to great extent.
    A very good video showing reality behind qnet, how they dupe people, the psychology, taking advantage of human greed, cult like practices etc:

  11. Great post and screenshots Sumit. Recently I too was contacted by 1 Qnet IR (through my cousin) and was bored with jargon. I kept asking him about the product and he kept talking about connecting people and making crores. I kept asking him how is this "binary system" different from Pyramid system and he could never explain me in simple terms.
    I wrote my complete experience at

    To later explain my cousin I even made few simple webpages as program to explain her that the Qnet networking scam just does not require products to continue. In fact any pyramid system will never run out of money even if they never sell a single product. Selling products is just to make this scam a legal thing. You can check that program at

    I pray people do some Google search and land at this page and other blogs prior getting into this fraud system. Thanks for posting your experience

    1. f you have lost any money with QI/Qnet or any other MLM have been scammed (or know someone who has), try the Economic Offences Wing of the Mumbai Police. They have filed FIRs and taken action against MLM like QNet, SpeakAsia and MMM etc on complaints from ordinary people They may get your money back or atleast save others from getting trapped in this scam. Their address is
      Additional Commissioner of Police
      Economic Offences Wing
      Crime Branch, Mumbai Police
      Police Commissioner's Office
      Opposite Crawford Market
      D N Road, Fort
      Mumbai 400 001

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Why did you remove this comment sir?? There might be something you are hiding.

    2. I have not removed any comment Mr.Srihari. the author i.e. the person who has written the original comment has himself removed it. Here is his original comment
      "But if its true why does all the govt in the world not recover the money from these companies & if at all they they recover they would never pay the investor's back their sum. Is it common among all nations? "

    3. If I remove any comment from my blog it will not be shown as above I.e. No body will come to know that I have deleted it, but I have never deleted any comment neither will delete in future also. Every one has right to place his veiws :)

  13. Lol ...Another moron in my life ...who hates to change his own life :). Boss, if you want to prove this is scam , please provide these documents to forbes magazine and please get into debate. If you are not sure, please remove this blog.

    Please discuss with this author, he is eagerly waiting for you.

    1. Am also early waiting for answer of above mentioned simple questions if you could contact author of forbes and get answers, I will be thankful to you for my whole life :)

    2. Hi Sumit,

      It's nice that you were trying to help many people,but please refer your point 11 .

      Click on your point 11 and try to change the screenshot. Because the content which you have shown in the screenshot has been changed by the authors.

      I respect your views, but don't trust the unauthorised persons blogs. in a flick, i have selected the point no 11. But the content has mismatched. Once again please verify the contents which you have put and be strong.

      I believe in Qnet, Not becoz I just believe, because I become human.

      The only best point I learnt from Qnet business is "When you stop fighting for others, that is the time humanity dies in you". RYTHM -Raise Yourself To Help Mankind.

      All the best brother.Have a great day.

  14. Dude I must say this is an excellent blog relieving the reality and risks in this whole stuff. Recently I also faced the same scenes described in one of the comment mentioned by Mr.Rakesh Goyal.Anyways who has little bit sense of investment and thinking would definitely ask the question how this model runs? I am actually worried about the amount of money invested by these so called visionary people all of the individual representative have invested around 1 Lacks to 7.5 lack of rupees and they are pulling more and more people into it. The whole money is moving out of India and its like a time bomb it can blast and damage our economy if not controlled at right time.
    I visited their meeting place off course CCD yesterday only and I noticed there were few other new potential IR's who were listening to exciting success stories of the company. One thing I noticed which was all of them were from corporate sector. So these people are now targeting folks from corporate sector for sure.

    1. f you have lost any money with QI/Qnet or any other MLM have been scammed (or know someone who has), try the Economic Offences Wing of the Mumbai Police. They have filed FIRs and taken action against MLM like QNet, SpeakAsia and MMM etc on complaints from ordinary people They may get your money back or atleast save others from getting trapped in this scam. Their address is
      Additional Commissioner of Police
      Economic Offences Wing
      Crime Branch, Mumbai Police
      Police Commissioner's Office
      Opposite Crawford Market
      D N Road, Fort
      Mumbai 400 001

  15. Read this...
    Zero judgement...
    And both lovers and haters of Qnet happy!!...


    MUMBAI: The city EOW on Friday registered a case against multi-level marketing firm, QNet, for allegedly duping thousands of investors by selling them plastic and glass products terming them miraculous objects for treating severe diseases like Cancer.

    A police officer said that the company, which had been selling its product through has its head quarters in Hong Kong. The company lured investors with various schemes with an investment between Rs 30,000 and Rs seven lakh. "The firm posed as a marketing firm which would sell bio-disc, watches, chiPendants, gold coins, herbal products, E-education packages, holiday packages etc. They even claimed that by using the bio disc one can cure cancer and barain related diseases," said a police officer. "We are probing the case and will soon make arrests," said Rajvardhan Sinha, additional commissioner of police.

    A police team visited Bangalore on Friday to trace the culprits. It has named five accused in the FIR. The complainant, Gurupreetsing Anand, 40, a computer consulatant from Lokhandawala, stated that his wife was duped of Rs 30,000 by some people who had introduced themselves as the independent representatives of QNe. "They had said that one of the bio-products my wife bought could be used to treat my 12-year-old son's brain related diseases," Anand told police. The police suspect that at least one thousand people have been duped in Mumbai alone. The accused had even organized a two-day seminar in a Bandra college on April 14 this year. The investors were promised Rs 35,000 commission/profit for bringing three new members.

    The firm claimed that bio disc had magical powers and can change the molecular structure of water. "One of the wanted accused Vinay Esvaran, had earlier floated two firms; Gold Quest and Quest Net Enterprisses, in India and duped thousands of people. These two firms were also popular in Egypt, Afghanistan and Malayasia. We are trying to zero in on Esvaran and will soon arrest him," the officer said.

    1. thanks for posting his news, I had missed the news in paper. Will now update my blog with this news.

  17. QNET PRODUCTS - BIODISC ETC? - VIOLATING Drug and Magic Remedies (Objectionable Advertisements) Act, 1955?

    By Jyoti Shelar, Mumbai Mirror | Jul 25, 2013, 12.00 AM IST

    The police have begun investigations against three firms that offer miracle cures for various ailments, the first time such businesses have been made targets of a police inquiry.

    The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had last year forwarded complaints against nearly 80 companies, which hire Bollywood stars to promote products for boosting sex drive, increasing height and easing body pain, among other problems.

    Finally this month, the Dahisar, Chembur and MIDC police converted the complaints against three of the companies - Step Up Herbal Oil, Power Prash and Sandhi Sudha - into first information reports (FIRs).

    The FIRs have been filed under various sections of the Drug and Magic Remedies (Objectionable Advertisements) Act, 1955.

    Sandhi Sudha Plus sells oil for pain relief. Stars such as Govinda, Jackie Shroff, Alok Nath apparently featured in TV ads for the product, which the company claims is made from rare medicinal plants found in the Himalayas.

    Step Up Herbal Oil offers products for "body growth", while Power Prash promises to improve sexual health through its supplements.

    "Such companies promise to cure serious medical problems and people fall for the ads. The reality is that such products do no good to a person's health," said FDA commissioner Mahesh Zagade. He added that misleading advertisements encouraged people to opt for selfmedication, which most doctors disapprove of.

    The locations of the three companies' offices are not known as they provide TV viewers different addresses each time. The FIRs were registered at the said police stations on the basis of ads shown on cable TV in the areas.

    The FDA has launched a major crackdown on companies and clinics that fool people by selling fake miracle remedies with the help of celebrities. On Wednesday, drug inspectors raided a company premises in Mulund and seized multivitamin capsules called Beginner, which, the manufacturer claims, can improve brain function, including memory.

    Last year, authorities sent 79 complaints to various police stations against manufacturers, screen writers, actors who endorsed suspect products and TV channels that aired misleading ads. "We will ensure that all our 79 complaints are converted into FIRs," Zagade said.

    Owners of companies that are booked under the said law not only lose their manufacturing licence, but also face six months of jail time.

  18. really appreciate your hard work..... thanks for sharing your detailed research work.

  19. There will always be some who will speak good about Qnet and many who will not. Those who make money simply do so because they have fooled many and have climbed up the pyramid(YA YA I KNOW QNET IS NOT PYRAMID BUT SOME BINARY S**T) ...anyways I recently made a page to understand this MLM Multi level marketing

    It actually turned out that whether its Qnet or any other MLM Company it just does not matter , whether they sell Qnet Products or other FMCG products it just don't matter the chain is such that they will never run out of the money. You can also find my finding at

    Thank you sumit for sharing and inviting comments and experience of others.

  20. What the heck man! i thought this blog would give me some real meat of Quest Net Scam and send it to an enthusiastic friend of mine.. the fist thing he says! "Lol, don't dump opinions. Get FACTS" ...and he sends this "... Quest Net, a Florida corporation," this Groupo thingie is by some other company with similar name. And i get this link The SEC link to the case.

    Could you please send me the supreme court file, where the court has banned quest net. And please no interpretations of judgement that "imply" banning, i really really need something that says "quest net is hence declared illegal and banned from the country"...

    Please, i need to shut this friend of mine. Please help me!

  21. A great effort by Mr. Sumit!

  22. I have been fooled by a friend in this business.
    The meetings of these scandal operations are usually held at coffee shops. my friend told me he has a big biz. oppurtunity but i have to invest 3 lakhs-10 lakhs in this business in turn i will get some so called holiday package which wheni searched had lots of terms and conditions and xtra fee as well to use it.
    No wen i got influenced by his uplines and invested the money i got to know that within 48 hours i need to sign up my close ppl or friends.
    then i started doubting about it and when i searched online i was shocked to see the same stories of the people who are hypnotised by the talks of these people or rather i should call them "SALESMAN"


    So Guys lets face it and be actively involved. and If anyone knows or had got the refund bck may conatct me on Iam trapped.
    The clever people here who are still promoting will be in Jail sometime or soon.
    I will fight TILL THE END.
    Thank u Mr. Sumit for this blog.!